Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Mail

So you can't ship dangerous chemicals or flammable stuff in the mail, but you can do this:
Inside this box we found these:

Here is an up close shot of one of the little cheepers. Isn't she cute?

27 in all. 10 for laying eggs and 17 for eating. Well, now we are down to 25 due to a rookie mistake. Didn't realize the first night that I had plugged their heat lamp into a plug connected to the light switch . . . switched off all the lights to the barn . . . no heat lamp overnight for the chicks. Sigh. They made it through the night but two of them later succumbed to who knows what. Now we have 10 for laying eggs and 15 for eating . . . . so we will see how that goes. When I get a chance to get the camera out there I will take pictures of them now. It has only been about three weeks and the meat birds are already close to three times their original size!
Two days after the chickens arrived, we also became the proud owners of 12 ducklings. They are all layers although they could all also be duck l'orange at some point. If I can convince my sister of it anyway . . .


Anonymous said...

So cute, Lizzie!

Heather said...

Wow! Go, Dr. Farmer Liz!

Sophie said...

oh, how cute! i'm sure lila will want to get back to the farm post-haste when i show her these shots. :-)

Turtlewoman said...

Yes they are cuties aren't they? I must do everything I can to entice Lila back over the ocean to visit me!

Check out the new posting (not done yet) with up to date chicken pix.