Monday, July 6, 2009

Is that lipstick?

See the pink all over Zoe's face? Well, it isn't actually lipstick . . . although Zoe-boe is certainly one of our farms biggest flirts and fanciest ladies, she hasn't yet stooped to make-up as far as I know. That pink stuff, my friends, is pepto-bismol. Yep. No kidding. I spent the day trying to get about 20 cc of the minty pink stuff down the gullets of 21 goats. We had a little case of what they call "Goat Scour" here at the farm today. One poor goat actually got so dehydrated overnight (before we found out they were sick) that he passed away. We were dosing the rest up in an effort to keep that from happening to anyone else. So far, it seems to be working. As of this evening, only one goat is still laying around looking sick. The rest are getting up and eating hay and drinking water like they mean to make it. So keep your fingers crossed. And RIP Artie.

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Sophie said...

i'm sorry to hear that artie died. :-( i hope the other goats are getting better now, but it sounds like they're recovering nicely.
no animals out at our little plot, yet, apart from mr. and mrs. duck who have adopted us, and loads and loads of bees and butterflies and spiders and bugs. :-)
love you lots!