Thursday, April 24, 2008


First of all, don't ever read your work e-mail while you are on vacation. It is a stupid, compulsive thing to do and it can pretty much only end in you feeling bad about something you should have done or shouldn't have done. So learn from my mistakes, and just leave your work e-mail alone when you are not there.

Next, here is what I have done on my vacation so far: 
- cleaned the barn (twice)
- sheared all 7 "big" angora goats
- trimmed hooves on all 17 goats (thats 68 hooves)
- helped clean up the yard (which still needs a ton of work . . . every day as the snow melts more, more crap appears in the yard to clean up)
- moved my mom's office back downstairs (it was upstairs in anticipation of Nana coming home and needing a place to sleep downstairs; now that Nana is never coming home the office can go back where it started)
- done the dishes/emptied the dishwasher about 10 times (my roommate will never believe this)
- done about 6 loads of laundry (I can't believe this)
- helped feed/water the animals and/or put them away pretty much every day
- helped cook dinner and/or clean it up most nights
- gone to the dump
- run errands around town for my mom's business

The funny thing is that I don't do any of that stuff in my own home right now (well, once in a while I do laundry . . . .), so it is really funny that I am spending my vacation doing it in someone else's home. 

But it isn't all work. Today I took a nap, started the malabrigo square, played a board game with my siblings. Yesterday I met my friend Sarah for lunch. Yum. Red Onion Pizza and mozzarella sticks. An old fave.

Tomorrow it is back to work. My brother and Sarah's dad Gary fixed the tractor, so tomorrow I plan to spend the whole day hauling poopy hay out of the front yard back into the woods. 

The great news is that it has been sunny every day, with temperatures ranging from 50-75. And here are no tourists around because it is mud season here in the hicks. So it is actually a pretty decent time to be here.

Okay, enough ranting for one night. I was laying in bed having an anxiety attack and needed to do something to work it out. Typing seemed like a good bet . . .

Good night!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Change of Pace

Well, I am on vacation! A few days earlier than expected and not exactly what we had planned, but still . . . I am not at work. =-) So it still constitutes a change of pace. And the sun is shining and the goats and geese are marvelling at the disappearing snow (yes, there is still snow), and things are looking up.

Vacation started a bit early because my mom got appendicitis yesterday and needed a laparotomy. So now she is recovering in the hospital and my sister and I are hanging out with her. Right now is nap time . . . I was napping too but dad wanted me to wake up and fix the computer so here I am.

How about that modern technology? My dad can now comandeer my mom's computer over the network and watch her sleep in her hospital room from his camper in Phoenix. Times have certainly changed.

Well, maybe more posts about the rest of life later this week. Mom is doing well, just typical post-op recovery.