Sunday, July 29, 2007


Fantastic read. I felt it started a little slowly, but was very happy with the ending. I wasn't sure how Rowling was going to pull it all off without making me feel like she had sold out to Hollywood or plunging me into deep despair . . . but she did it. Since I know a bunch of y'all are still reading it, I won't say anything else at this point. I think the title word says it all. Wow.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tired is . . .

Looking ahead at your schedule and realizing that after this weekend you will either be travelling (one weekend for pure fun, two for interviews, two for the mission trip to Peru) or working for every weekend from now until Thanksgiving. Now how this worked out this way I am not quite sure. Especially since I MADE the stupid schedule. Sigh. Ah well. . . it is all for a good cause right?

I am almost done with my month of nights. It has been a good month, but I think I might be ready to see daylight again soon. Aside from when I am sleeping that is. And sleeping is what I should be doing right now . . . and will be soon.

Interview update: now with a total of four! UConn, UMaryland, Pittsburgh, and Rochester. Outright rejected by Johns Hopkins. Still awaiting a reply from 5 schools. Keep your fingers crossed, I would really like to get at least 1 more interview offer!

Knitting update: just finished a VERY cute project which I will photograph and post after I give it to its rightful owner. Playing around with my Denise changeable circulars right now for fun. They are really smooth and light weight. Thought I had become a wooden/bamboo needle snob but now realizing that there may be good in other needles too. =-)

Now reading . . . . Harry Potter #7 . . . DUH. Isn't everyone. Okay, okay so most people are actually done with it already but not all of us have a day off to just sit and read all day . . . talk to me again next week and see how I'm doing.

Good night!


Friday, July 6, 2007

Interview Update

Here's an update on the interview front. I now have two! I will be visiting Rochester, NY (we all know how much I love Upper State New York!) in late August. Then I will head to UConn in September.

For those keeping score, Mass General and Michigan have told me that they will get back to me one way or another within the next month. That leaves 6 programs left to hear from.

Keep your fingers crossed! I am VERY excited to do some interviews, get a chance to see the different places and programs, and hopefully have some options for the Match in October!

In knitting news, I am still waiting for my new Sox Stick to come in. I made the mistake of buying a different brand of size 1 needles to try to start the second Jaywalker sock . . . and apparently they are just different enough that I knit a whole different gauge with them. So I will have to be patient and wait for the new one to come in. I am also working on some other little projects right now, but they will remain secret for the moment. =-)

In goat news, the Life Is Goat farm will be obtaining a new Angora stud this summer. His name is Arthur and he is a fine looking boy. We are still trying to figure out ways to keep Tank away from the girls . . . but he is a strong willed, hard-headed son of a gun so that is WAY easier said than done. I am hoping to get up to the farm this weekend for a visit. Just need to get a bit more sleep before undertaking the big drive.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I have one. Can you feel me smiling?