Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching Up

Wow. I did a really good job of keeping the blog updated in July - but who wouldn't with a month free of obligations? But go back to work and good-bye blog! The sad thing is that so far I am not really even working that hard. Definitely not when compared to the standards of the past four years. All the same, I am getting up on time in the morning again, going to a place of work, staying there for the day, taking overnight call at least once a week, and then coming home again. Just the rhythm of it all makes me stray from the blog . . .
And now the problem is that there is SO much to tell, I don't know where to start. It is overwhelming really. We all know how well I do with overwhelming right? Can you say "hide in bed as much as possible and do everything BUT what you should be doing" three times fast? I owe Megan, Heather, and Debbie about six hundred e-mail responses alone. And that doesn't even count everyone else out there that I owe responses to. Sigh.

So I think the best approach will be to make short posts and try to get caught up on the events of the last month . . . I think we will start with the progress on Sprout. After ripping Sprout out FOUR TIMES I think I finally am making a sweater that will fit my mother. As you can see:

I am now down below the underarms and I am also about halfway through the waist shaping. You can get an idea of the size based on how it falls on the chair. It is looking pretty darn good. Still gotta finish the bottom, then do the sleeves, the button bands, and the blocking. But I am making slow steady progress.




Sophie said...

wow, that sprout looks great! this will definitely fit your mom. :-) what a gorgeous color, she'll love it!

Turtlewoman said...

Thanks Sophe!

What are you working on now?

And guess what? The chickens finally laid eggs yesterday! I think they were just protesting the absence of Lila and have finally capitulated. =-)

Anonymous said...

I think you could stop the Sprout right now if you wanted. Kind of a Bruce Springsteen sleeveless shirt crossed with a Britney Spears belly-button bearing top. Very cute, very hip, very now.

Seriously, it looks very nice and will be lovely when you're done.
- Debbie :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I spelled baring wrong. Oh well. No more drinking on Thursdays...
(I knew that didn't look quite right).